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Purchasing a property or refinancing can be a lengthy process. With a multitude of lenders in the market offering various products and packages it can be overwhelming to find what is best for your individual needs. There are many options out there and a lot of fine print. When using a broker like Riggs Consulting you get the expertise of someone in the industry working for you. Riggs Consulting will do all the leg work to get the best possible deal to suit your needs. We will guide you through every step until completion. And all this comes at no extra cost to you, so it makes sense to use Riggs Consulting rather than going direct to a lender.

Who We Are?

Riggs Consulting has been providing Mortgages since its inception in 1999.

From deregulation in the industry to the GFC and beyond, Riggs Consulting can navigate through the myriad of options and products available to offer you the best product for your individual circumstances. With over $100 million worth of Mortgages under management Riggs Consulting has access to products that may not be available to individuals approaching lenders directly. This benefit will be passed directly on to you the end consumer.

What We Offer?

Riggs Consulting has been specialising in Mortgage and Finance Broking for the past 15 years

Whether you are a first home buyer, looking to invest or re financing, Riggs Consulting can assess which product will work best for you from the multitude of options that are available.

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